Photoshop Tutorials For Beginners


Photoshop is a wonderful graphics program, however one can take years to learn all of it’s intricate features, tools, and other design elements incorporated into Photoshop if one we’re trying to learn it from scratch.

Many people complain that Photoshop’s help feature doesn’t serve as a good tutorial guide — stating that it is too confusing -and/or- doesn’t answer many of their questions.

Fact of the matter is, the high majority of people that purchase it initially try to learn how to use Photoshop themselves, thus resulting in a lot of blood, sweat & tears — in addition to a lot of time wasted.

Then many people turn to hiring expensive graphic designers, or purchasing high-priced online courses that charge hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

And many private lessons charge an hourly rate which in essence can result in a very hefty fee if you were to learn all of the design elements incorporated into Photoshop.

Avoid Expensive Photoshop Designers & Courses

Fact of the matter is — people want to learn how to use Photoshop in the fastest, easiest, and most cost-efficient way possible.

Chance are they just spent anywhere between $600 to $1,000 on the Adobe Photoshop program to begin with, and are not willing to shell out any more money on expensive courses, -or- freelance designers.

So below, we will outline three different methods for you to get going learning cool Photoshop effects in the fastest, easiest & more cost efficient way possible…

  1. Two Free Methods.
  2. One Paid Method.

Photoshop Web Design Tutorials

Before mentioning the best Photoshop tutorials for beginners the industry currently has to offer — two free methods & one paid method — so you immediately start creating your own designs for your blog, website -or- any other web properties such as twitter -or- Youtube backgrounds…

…we thought it would be worth mentioning that the site you are on now has been been created & designed strictly with Photoshop.

No other graphics program was used to create these graphics, and this site was built on the WordPress platform in conjunction with Flexsqueeze WordPress Theme.

In addition, the knowledge and skills you will gain from implementing the cool Photoshop effects and design strategies we teach will also allow you to start creating your own products such as digital eBooks, DVD’s and E-covers.

Two Free Photoshop Tutorials For Beginners

If you are unable to invest money in Photoshop design tutorials, there are actually two methods you can start implementing right away!

Free Tutorials Method #1: Although this method is a little time consuming for most people, it is still a highly effective way to learn how to Photoshop like the best of them.  And that method is to go to — and type in the Youtube search field Photoshop tutorials for beginners.  You can also be more specific in your search — and type stuff like Photoshop effects tutorials -or- best Photoshop tutorial.  You may find dozens, if not hundreds of videos targeted to your search keywords.

Free Tutorials Method #2: Considered by many people to be some of the best free beginner Photoshop effects tutorials online — leading Experts at the company Learn Photoshop Now are now allowing people to get Instant Access to Free Photoshop Tips & Tutorials.  This training serves as an excellent source for any aspiring Photoshop designer at the beginner level.

Just click on image below to get immediate access to the free training report now…

Photoshop Effects Tutorials

This report is jam-packed full of valuable information — such as How to work with Photoshop’s Menu bar, Options Bar, Toolbox & Palettes.  You will learn how to work with layers, and much about all the tools and its functions.  Click on image above for instant access to this free report.

Paid Photoshop Tutorials For Beginners

Just like anything in life, if you want something more advanced, or more in depth, then you have got to invest a little.  However, if you are not ready to invest, you can incorporate the two free methods we’ve outlined above.

If you are ready to invest, you can be sure that you will be receiving some of the highest quality training at some of the best prices available on the web.

We have already done our research & due diligence in addition to forming relationships with some of the leading Photoshop trainers in the industry.

How To Use Photoshop

Graphics Design Masterclass is considered by many to contain some of the top Photoshop tutorials for beginners and intermediate users.

After experiencing these web design tutorials, you will never have to hire a graphics designer to build any of your web properties again.  Whether they be your website, blog, mini-site -or- any of your web 2.0 properties.

This Photoshop course grabs you by the hand, and guides you with step-by-step videos how to create a website with beautiful graphics in as early as 1 -to- 2 days.

And best yet, you don’t have to good at art at all!  This course will teach you excellent tips, techniques, and strategies for creating amazing graphics, even if you failed Art class in school.

Here’s an overview of the goodies contained in this world famous How To Photoshop course…

Graphic Design Master Course Overview

Video Tutorial Series #1

  • Video # 1 – Understanding The Adobe Photoshop Functions & Features.
  • Video # 2 – Best Places To Find Royalty Free Images And How To Use Them.
  • Video # 3 – How To Correctly Use The Crop & Lasso Tool Feature.
  • Video # 4 – How To Use The Layers Function Making Graphic Design Faster & Simpler.
  • Video # 5 – How To Correctly Implement Centering & Balancing of Your Images.
  • Video # 6 – How To Build a Header For Your Website.
  • Video # 7 – How to Design Graphics For a DVD, eBook & E-Cover.
  • Video # 8 – How to Design a Website Background & Footer Graphic.

Video Tutorial Series #2

  • Video # 1 – How To Start Building an e-Cover Graphic.
  • Video # 2 – The Design Process on The Front of The e-Cover.
  • Video # 3 – Part 2 of e-Cover Design Process.
  • Video # 4 – The Design Process of The e-Cover Side Graphics Creation.
  • Video # 5 – Designing The Image of The e-Cover’s Disc.
  • Video # 6 – The eCover Box Creation Design Process.
  • Video # 7 – Part 2 in The Design Process of The e-Cover Box.
  • Video # 8 – Learning The Functions & Tools of The e-Cover Software Program.

Video Tutorial Series #3

  • Video # 1 – Learn About Another Free Web 2.0 Graphics Program Called Gimp.
  • Video # 2 – Learn About The Functions, Features & Tools With Gimp.
  • Video # 3 – Use Gimp To Design Web-2.0 Graphic Icons.
  • Video # 4 – Shadow & Reflection Image Creation With GIMP.
  • Video # 5 – Design a Shiny Star Badge With GIMP.
  • Video # 6 – Designing Reflective Web 2.0 Text Logos With GIMP.
  • Video # 7 – Design Amazing Web 2.0 Striped Headers With GIMP.

Click here to get more details on the Photoshop tutorials contained within this course.


Web statistics reveal that a web property with a professional graphic design — as opposed to a web property with a bland design will improve your subscriber rate & sales conversions by as much as 300%.

The web is becoming much more competitive now, in addition to many more web site owners are becoming more knowledgeable about how to use Photoshop to create their own graphics like a true professional.

Learning how to fully take advantage of Photoshop will not only allow you to take control of your own marketing, but will also save you a lot of time, money and hassle — due to the fact that now you don’t have to continuously chase down busy graphic designers, and paying them outrageous prices for services that your probably not going to be happy with anyway.